Precision engineering products

Examples of precision engineering products are MEMS and NEMS.

  • Next Generation of Watch Springs

    The watch springs are electroplated on a gold plated silicon wafer, coated with a light-sensitive paint. Empa

    What happens when something keeps getting smaller and smaller? This is the type of question Empa researcher Johann Michler and his team are investigating. As a by-product of their research completely novel watch springs could soon be used in Swiss timepieces. Applied research is not always initiated by industry – but oftentimes it yields results that can swiftly be implemented by companies. A prime example can be seen on the Empa campus in Thun: Tiny watch springs are on display at the Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures.

  • Saarland University computer scientists work to prevent hackers from remotely controlling cars

    Saarland scientists explain the dangerous situation: The growing interconnection of the individual components opens security holes.

    A luxury vehicle today contains multiple computers. During an hour's drive, it thus produces multiple gigabytes of data. Even less expensive vehicles are now brimming with information technology. The growing interconnection of the individual components opens dangerous security holes. One of these has now been closed by computer scientists at the Center for IT Security and Privacy (CISPA) and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) — with the help of software that manufacturers can retrofit into any car.