• Scientists in Mainz Develop a More Sustainable Photochemistry

    Crystals of synthetic molecular ruby. photo/©: Steffen Treiling

    Using base metals instead of expensive precious metals / Chromium in a designed environment exhibits an exceptionally long lifetime of its electronically excited state and potentially allows for sustainable photocatalytic applications. Sustainable chemical applications need to be able to employ renewable energy sources, renewable raw materials, and Earth-abundant elements. However, to date many techniques have only been possible with the use of expensive precious metals or rare earth metals, the extraction of which can have serious environmental impacts.

  • Tailor-made diamond for the continuous photocatalysis allowing CO₂ conversion

    CarbonCat - Micro Reactor

    Fraunhofer ICT-IMM is coordinating a national research cooperation dealing with the development of a microreactor system for the environmentally friendly utilization of CO₂ by means of sunlight.