AAO, PAO nano porous alumina membrane
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Multi variant parameters
Pore Diameter Product thickness Product size Packaging
40V_35nm_10min_ch_2 _001
50V 40nm Seite_001
50V 80nm_003
Cornes NIMS 25V 40nm_004
195V 40 Grad C Offnung 1h35_001
195V 300nm_007

Nanoporous alumina is a ceramic material fabricated by anodic oxidation of pure aluminum. The material can be used directly as transparent, opaque or white membrane (depending on the pore diameter) or as a one-side-closed template for the formation of nanostructures. The product is an amorphous oxide which can be changed to a crystalline structure by heat treatment. The pore diameter can be adjusted with a precision on nanometer scale.

It exhibits a homogeneous morphology of parallel pores which grow perpendicular to the surface with a narrow distribution of diameters and interpore spacings, with a standard deviation of maximum 10% in the nanometer scale.

Because of the above mentioned unique properties, nano porous alumina can be used in a wide range of applications, such as filters, as platforms for multi-functional flow-through sensors, as nano reactors, and especially as templates for the fabrication of nanometer-scale composites, such as nanotubes or nanowires by electrochemical deposition or by using polymer melts.

The SmartPor membranes offer high-ordered round pores with an unique pore diameter (deviation lower 10%) which stays constant through the complete length of the pores. The pores are arranged triagonally with a self-order within the crystal mono domains of the alumina.

Technical details:

Pore diameter: 25 nm (pitch: 65 nm)

Pore diameter: 40 nm, 60nm or 75 nm (pitch 125 nm)

Pore diameter 200 nm, 300 nm (pitch 480 nm)


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