Adding specially designed nanoparticles will have a great influence on your product´s performance. Fraunhofer ISC provides consulting and technical support in generating and processing various nanoparticles for value-added products by utilizing special ingredients and modern equipment. With an extensive pilot line equipment Fraunhofer ISC can support customers with synthesis, modification as well as dispersion of nanoparticles in different upscaling stages. This includes the development of customized nanoparticles, nanoparticles in dispersion and the refining of conventional nanoparticles. Additionally, Fraunhofer ISC provides further processing of particles for instance to composite materials. Customers are welcome to test their synthesis, upgrade or functionalize their own materials.

Experienced scientists work in international and interdisciplinary teams to leverage the various skills required for a diversity of challenges. The world-class nanoanalytics team provides a range of electron microscopes   and various cutting edge artefact-free sample preparation techniques as well as many other tools to uncover the nature of the nanoparticles and to provide quality control tests. When it comes to questions and tests on nanoparticle health compatibility, Fraunhofer ISC uses its modern labs and technical facilities and/or collaborates with partners to address such topics. Fraunhofer ISC also tests and hosts lab and processing equipment for nanoparticle technology on behalf of various equipment manufacturers.

This surely provides the right setting for demonstrating your novel high-tech equipment in real lab environment to your potential customers.


More details on Fraunhofer ISC’s “nanoparticle kitchen”:


Special Equipment
  • Synthesis reactors: continuous and batch (up to 100 liter/ kilogram scale)100l Synthese 13 kleinFraunhofer ISC’s laboratory for particle synthesis and upscaling.© K. Dobberke for Fraunhofer ISC
  • Continuous ultrasound reactor
  • Semi-continuous centrifuge
  • Spray-drying facilities
  • Continuous flow globe mill
  • Molecular vaporizer
  • Magnetic drum separator
  • Encapsulation device
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Glas autoclave
  • Fluidised bed reactor
  • ... and many more
Special Ingredients

Fraunhofer ISC offers materials development and functionalization as well as custom manufacturing of small particle pilot series matching customers’ demands.

Examples for upscaled particles:

  • Magnetic particles
  • Hollow particles
  • Silica particles
  • Layered particles
  • Titanium, zirconium, zinc and perovskite oxide particles
Current Work – CoPilot project

Fraunhofer ISC and partners are currently working on the CoPilot project, launched in January 2015. The international team (including e. g. TNO, Netherlands) jointly develops an open access infrastructure for companies interested in the production of high quality (multi-)functional nano-composites on a pilot scale. The pilot reactor is able to produce batch sizes of nano-composite polymers and coatings in the range of 20 to 100 kg. This project provides the backbone for Fraunhofer ISC’s nanoparticle kitchen.


Fraunhofer ISC’s spacious new R&D building was designed by Zaha Hadid and is located vis-à-vis to the touristic city center of Wurzburg (Northern Bavaria) as well as the surrounding vineyards. International visitors are welcome (an easy access to Frankfurt airport allows for single day trips to the Fraunhofer ISC within Europe).

Interested in testing and tasting the nanoparticle kitchen? Please contact us!


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