You can boost your online sales quite easily.

Simply add product descriptions and you will be able to drive more customers in!

There is no secret in the fact that people enjoy reading through product descriptions. Simply recollect, how many times did you leave for a different page after seeing the impersonal product page that contained nothing except for the product name and its price? Accompanying your products with descriptions, you grow the chances that the customers will get interested in your offers and complete their browsing sessions with purchases.


A cleverly written product description can make it clearer for a prospective client to specify the main benefits of your offers. It will also deliver a touch of personality to the product page, making it easier to understand what your item is all about.

Typical stats say that customers are 68% more likely to purchase items with descriptions rather than those products that contain features lists only. And that's clear why! Writing a product description, you bring the main emphasis on the most outstanding features that your product includes. By reading a description, a client can understand clearly what benefits he/she can derive from purchasing your product.

You can also highlight the bonuses and service that you added for a purchase of your product item.

This will grow the customers' desire to try your offer.


Product Description Requirements


Before you get straight to wring description of your product items, you need to become familiar with the major item description requirements in the marketplace.

First of all, the title of your product is the first thing that a person will see while landing on the product page. In order to make your offer stand out, provide it with a unique name. Accompany this with up to words specifying the category to which your item belongs, as well as the type of products that it represents.

A good product title includes the unique product name, product category, and type that follow it, respectively.

While writing a description for your product, do not forget that this short piece of text will make your item more findable in search engines. So, do not neglect using high and low competition keywords in order to grow online visibility.

In the Nanobay directory, we publish product descriptions that are 80-120 words long. This is enough in order to highlight the major features of your items, as well as highlight the key benefits of service offers.

In order to make your copy more readable, do not neglect to format the body of your text. Highlight the main features with bold. Use italics when you need to enumerate certain tools or the purpose of the item's use.

The must-follow rule is making every product description unique. If that's a non-exclusive item that you are going to describe, provide a unique copy that is different from the descriptions you provided on other web resources.


How to Make Your Descriptions Stand out


Every time to create a product description, write it with the user in mind. The copy needs to reveal a set of benefits that the users will derive from choosing your product. If there are unique or premium-quality features included in the archive, then it's always a good idea to emphasize these in the text. Your copy should convince a customer that your product item is the ideal solution that will make his web project stand out from the competition.

The product description needs to contain a clear statement for what purposes it's better to be used. Also, write a couple of words about accompanying documentation / fact sheets or  customization offers (if there are any) that your item contains. People are looking for cost-effective and feature-rich resources that will help them launch projects in the shortest period of time, with little efforts.

One more thing that you need to mind is that your items may appeal to both academia and industry professionals that are looking for the ideal supply for their projects. Are there any features in your product that can appeal to each of these two groups of users?

Emphasize that in the product description.

So, are you ready to get started? Get inspired by reading examples of other digital items in the directory.

Make your copies remarkable, easy-to-comprehend, and useful. Make every product stand out from the competition and the sales boost won't be long in coming!