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500ml TECNADIS GWR - anti rain product for windscreens

TECNADIS GWR is a novel rain –repellent specifically designed for vehicle windscreens. Thanks to its water repellent effect, raindrops barely touch the surfaces and roll easily until disappearing from the windshield. The result is an improved both ...


- Anti rain composition with high water-repellent properties, facilitating water removal from treated surfaces (Glass)

- Protects the surface against excessive dirt, insects or dust accumulation facilitating its removal from the surface. 

- It avoids windscreen freezing.


- 5x better resistance to abrasion (washing systems, wipers, etc) than other products. 

 - Suited for the treatment of cars, trucks, buses or trains windscreens.      

- Easy to apply

- Durability of up to one year / 15.000Km

- Avoids the adhesion of ice to the windscreen being easy to remove it from the glass treated.

- Estimated performance: 10-15ml/m2

- It does not release hydrochloric acid when it is applied


- Specially designed for vehicles windscreens; it improves both day and night visibility in rainy situations even allowing not using the windscreen wipers and improving safety when driving under adverse weather conditions


- 50ml

- 500ml

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