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Carbon Nanohorns (CNH) are wrapped cone shapes made up of Graphene sheets. One end of the cone is capped similar to a fullerene. These cones tend to group together and form a cluster which can be characterized as nano-stars or nanohorns.

Carbon Nanohorns have numerous similar properties to graphene – high electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as ease of functionalization. Carbon Nanohorns are about 40–50 nm in tubule length and about 2–3 nm in diameter that are derived from Single walled carbon nanotubes and ended by a five-pentagon conical cap with a cone opening angle of ~20°.
Application examples: composite additives, sensor materials, gas storage material

Graphene Laboratories Inc.
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Carbon Nanohorns

Carbon Nanohorns

Carbon Nanohorns are made of graphene sheets which are ...