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2 K CC NCS ST transparent Nano coating

2K CC NCS ST is a coating material based on sol-gel technology


is a coating material based on sol-gel technology with

the following properties:

Two-pack formulation.

very high corrosions protection

One-coat application with low coating thickness 3-8 µm.

Coatings have good mechanical properties and good adhesion.

Easy-clean properties of the surface (water and oil repellent).

No chromating is required.

Resistant against most commonly used organic solvents.

Chromate and lead-free.

Fields of application:

2K CC NCS ST transparent

can be used for the coating of metal surfaces

(aluminium, magnesium, brass, steel, glass, plasticc and mineral surfaces...) and concrete in industrial environments for

corrosion protection.

The surface is hydrophobic (Dirt and oil repellent) and can easily be cleaned.

Very good gloss retention and Anti-Graffiti effect.

On the basis of a thin ( 3-8 µm) dry film thickness, protection of components is assured. It is

resistant against condensation and alternating temperature cycles.

Resistant against many organic solvents and chemicals.


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