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Antibacterial Facemask

Patented Antibacterial Facemask with no ceramic

Products with antibacterial properties are commonplace today. It has been estimated that more than 700 antimicrobial-infused products are now available.Surgical masks are also popularly worn by the general public in East Asian countries to reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases; in Japan, it is common to wear a face mask whilst ill to avoid infecting others in public settings. Surgical masks were widely used in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Toronto, Canada during outbreaks of the SARS virus, during the 2007 bird flu pandemic in Japan, and in the United States and Mexico City during the 2009 flu pandemic featuring swine flu and the H1N1 virus.While most biocides are organic volatile compounds the shelf life time of the mask is limited. Alternatively, nano sized silver forms a toxic risk to the user and the environment.BSc. Wouter Bakker, nanotechnologist, BSc. Nicolas Peschkov, biochemist, and Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe, chemist, human toxicologist and nanotechnologist have developed an alternative of a water-soluble polyoxymetallate (POM) basis with antibacterial functional property. The inorganic character of POMs prevents  leakage, sublimation and evaporatio. In addition, the POM is thermo stable.We are currently in negotiations with producers in the Far East to establish and register our patented invention on a broad scale. Business partners’ world wide are welcome.Without the manifold buffers afforded by a surgical mask, airborne diseases can be easily transferred via respiratory droplets (Source: Wikip

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