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Manufacturing at the nanoscale is known as nanomanufacturing. This involves scaled-up, reliable, and cost-effective manufacturing of nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and systems. Nanomanufacturing also includes research, development, and integration of top-down processes and increasingly complex bottom-up or self-assembly processes.
This category also includes various nanotechnology services and cleanroom services for hire.

Manufacturing / Service / Cleanrooms

DCSBD Plasma Reactor KPR-100

High-speed Low-cost surface treatments using novel ...

DCSBD Plasma Reactor KPR-20

High-speed Low-cost surface treatments using novel ...

Distance measurement provides good cutting quality

Optimum cutting quality and highest cutting speeds can only ...

Dust Sensor

Since the ‘fine dust sensor’ measures the size of particles ...

Exakt Three Roll Mills - E-line

Precise down to the smallest particle.

Exakt Three Roll Mills - G-Line

Precise down to the smallest particle

Exakt Three Roll Mills - S-Line

Precise down to the smallest particle

Filter cleaning system

The filter cleaning systems of mycon GmbH.