Nanobay does not allow photos and videos containing drug use, graphic content or nudity. Photos or videos glorifying violence or attacks on an individual or group are also not permitted.

When you post content on, you should have authorization for the content, including images of your contacts and family.

Here is a list with behaviour or content not allowed on

  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content
  • Hate speech, threats or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Content containing self-harm or violence
  • Creation of fake or impostor profiles
  • Spam

To send messages to your contacts you have to be logged in to

  1. Go to your network profile and click on messages.
  2. Now you see all inbox messages you have received and you see a blue New Message button on the top right. Click on it and you will enter the message field.
  3. Here you can select one or more persons from your contacts by clicking on Add recipient(s).You will open a window with a list of all contacts, checkmark the person or persons you want to message and click on the select button.
  4. Write your message in the message text field; here you can also add a document, file or picture. After you are finished with your message click on the Send Message and your message will be sent.

While you are in the reply message box, you can click on the photo camera icon on the top right of the text field and a window will open where you can select the file, picture or document you want to send.

When you receive a message, you can write a text in the reply message field beneath the received message. Here you can also chose to upload a file, document or a picture and attach it to the reply. By clicking on the send button you are replying to the message you received from another Nanobay member.

If your message was successfully sent you will see the message in the sent box under Sent Messages.

Your complete message history will be displayed in the inbox and the sent box under messages.

Your messages will be saved until you delete them.

If you cannot find a message in your sent box than either you deleted it or the message was not sent successfully. Try to resend the message if you cannot find it in the sent box.

If you want to see all your posts and replies, log in to

  1. Click on your network profile and a menu will appear, listing profile, contacts, groups, photos, videos, events, messages and forum.
  2. Move your cursor over forum and a submenu will appear, listing edit profile, my profile, my posts, my subscriptions and my favourites.
  3. Click on my posts to see all your posts and replies.

You can subscribe to topics and see if people posted something in the subscribed topics.

To post a new topic you can either click on create a new topic in any forum discussion board or click within any forum topic. All members can start a new topic in forums. If you want to reply to a post, click reply in any topic to post your reply.