At, our advertisers never come in to contact with your personal information. These are privately stored on the Nanobay servers.

At Nanobay security of your information is the highest priority. We have industry standard and proprietary network monitoring tools constantly running in our system in order to prevent security breaches and protect the security of your data.

Once you have registered with us, a member profile will be created for you. A profile can be made for individuals as well as for companies/organizations, and will contain all the information relevant to your activities on this platform. Members within our network will be able to see your profile, your name, and if you are a vendor, your list of displayed products. They will also be able to see any comments and recommendations you have received as well as follow you on discussion boards.

If you want to know more about how to create your profile, please follow this link.

If you have a free account and wish to only purchase products, you can select which contact details you wish to disclose. Please alter your privacy settings under Preferences. When you buy a product your contact details will be visible only to the vendor.

As a vendor who has a basic or a premium shop your public contact details will always be visible for members of

At Nanobay we consider your privacy of the highest priority. That is why we give you full control over your content. By clicking on Privacy under Profile on the menu bar, you are able to choose who is allowed to see your content.