To create a group in the network please do the following:
On the menu bar, when you place your cursor on Groups, a drop down menu will appear. Click on Create groups. Fill in the relevant information regarding the group you want to create. This includes:

A. Group name
B. Full description of the group
C. Category related to the group

Once these are provided, you can click on Create group. You can also choose to make the group closed (private),and choose to hide it from your list of groups on your profile page.

Once the group is created, you can click on the group’s profile picture to change it. You can upload the desired picture, make size adjustments and save it by clicking on the button Save Thumbnail. In order to choose from pictures previously uploaded, click on the option photos on the menu bar and choose the desired photo. At the right bottom of the picture, click on Options and select set as profile picture.

On the group page click on the blue Invite contacts button on the right of the cover picture. Then choose from your list of contacts or enter email addresses that you would like to invite to join this group. Once you have selected the invitees, click on Send invitation.

In a closed group, the information shared and exchanged is not available for non-group members to see. Such information is visible to everyone in an open group, unless privacy settings are adjusted accordingly.

You can use the service My Group Updates to manage all your groups. This can be selected by clicking the option My Group Updates in the drop down menu under the option Groups in the menu bar. Here you will get an overview on the changes that took place in your groups. Additional activities such as adding more members to the group, can be done on the group’s page itself.