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No, nanobay.com is especially made for people searching new supply resources. Nanobay.com is a global platform where everybody is welcome. Members can not only browse, request and list products, but users can also find nanotechnology events and career opportunities, and connect with like-minded people in our network.

No, nanobay is not a vendor. We provide an international nano-marketplace for buyers and vendors from around the world to buy, sell, network. We do not sell or deliver goods ourselves; this is the responsibility of vendors who use the nanobay.com marketplace. Please click here for an explanation on how to find and buy products through nanobay.com. To find out more about our website please visit About Nanobay.

After you register with nanobay.com and confirm your email address, you can sign in using your username as well as the password you created.
You can sign-in using the username and password created during the registration step. Please keep in mind you must confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent with the confirmation email, before proceeding with the following steps:

1. Go to nanobay.com
2. Enter your Username and your password in the provided text fields on the top right section of the page.
3. Click the Log in button

Click the Logout button on the top right section of the homepage, next to your Username.

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It is not possible for you to block the advertisements placed on nanobay.com. Ads help keep Nanobay free for users who do not wish to pay for membership. We also aim to show advertisements that are relevant to the nanotechnology community. If you use any advertise blocking tool please disable it on nanobay.com and enjoy the whole nanobay.com experience.

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At Nanobay security of your information is the highest priority. We have industry standard and proprietary network monitoring tools constantly running in our system in order to prevent security breaches and protect the security of your data.

When you delete your content, Nanobay also deletes it from the server.

All visitors to our platform, regardless of whether they have registered or not, have access to our homepage, nano-news section and event listings, and have the right to search and browse for products. However, signing up with us brings many additional benefits, and is completely free!
There are three levels of Nanobay membership; free, basic online shop and premium online shop. Free membership provides you with right to contribute to our community as a fully functioning member. However, it makes sense to upgrade to basic or premium online shop when your business starts to expand and you wish to set-up a personalized shop within our marketplace and receive better rates for the referral percentages.

1.With free membership you have:

  • the ability to buy products,
  • limited listing permissions: you can select up to 1 products to be added to our product listing. For the price-listing please-see link,
  • access to forum discussions and our network of members,
  • the ability to place banner advertisements for a fee,

2.With Basic online shop you have:

  • all the privileges available to free members,
  • the right to your own customizable shop front or to request a custom-made layout from our designers with your specifications (for a small fee),
  • increased listing permissions: display an unlimited number of products on your own Shop front with better referral percentages. Find our price listings here

3.Premium online shop gives you:

  • all the privileges available to basic members:
  • even better referral percentages
  • the right to use a price-on-request option for products
  • with premium membership of at least one year, your first customized design will be free of charge. Any additional customized designs will cost 250€.

Price-listings for different Membership levels 


Free Membership:

Single item

Basic Membership:


Premium Membership:


Monthly fee 0€ 39.99€ 499.99€
Selling fees per product* 15% 13% 10%
Price on request option -- -- free
Customized shop design -- 250€ 250€**

*minimum fee per transaction 1.50€. All prices plus VAT where applicable. Payment system fees are included in the selling fees.

**if you purchase a one-year premium membership, your first customized design will be free of charge. Any additional customized designs will cost 250€.

Once you have registered with us, a member profile will be created for you. A profile can be made for individuals as well as for companies/organizations, and will contain all the information relevant to your activities on this platform. Members within our network will be able to see your profile, your name, and if you are a vendor, your list of displayed products. They will also be able to see any comments and recommendations you have received as well as follow you on discussion boards.

If you want to know more about how to create your profile, please follow this link.

Joining Nanobay is absolutely free. To join, please follow the steps below:

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  2. Fill in your Name, your Username, your E-mail and your Password. Once everything is complete and if you agree to the Terms and Conditions of nanobay.com, click on the Next button.
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  4. An email will be sent to your email address with the verification link to activate your account.
  5. After clicking this activation link, you can sign in to nanobay.com.

To edit your member profile:

  1. Sign in to nanobay.com.
  2. Go with your cursor to My Account on the right side in the main menu and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on Network Profile.
  3. Your network overview will appear in a second menu. If you place your cursor above Profile without clicking, another dropdown menu will appear. Click Edit Profile.
  4. On this page you can see your Basic, and Professional Information as well as all of your contact information. Here you can change or add information to your member profile. Save the changes by clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the form.