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Detox sack

Patented Detox sack

The “DetoxSack” is a paper based sack or bag with a special biochar filling within the double wall of the bag. One gram of biochar has a nano- and microstructured surface of 300 m2/g. The delocalized p-system on its surface has the ability to form strong charge transfer complexes with organic compounds. Both, the enormous surface and the reactivity make it an ideal adsorption material for indoor odor and organic volatile compounds (VOCs).

VOCs, are numerous, ubiquitous and include man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. Some VOCs are human-toxic and cause harm to the environment. Anthropogenic VOCs are regulated by law e.g. formaldehyde. VOCs can be acute toxic and/or exhibit long-term health effects. Modern man-made diseases like the so-called “sick building syndrome” are related to VOCs. Especially in sleeping and children rooms VOCs form a high potential risk, especially in bad ventilated rooms.

Together with a producer of paper bags, Dr. Matthias Bischoff, psychologist and Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe, chemist, toxicologist and nanotechnologist have developed the “Detoxbag” to have a fast, easy and inexpensive solution for the detoxification of in door settings, i.e. children rooms, sleeping rooms, offices and cars.

The paper-based bag is not visible on the first glace as a detoxification instrument. In addition, the “DetoxSack” can be used as storage for play goods of children as even for cloth. Here the VOCs of the goods can be adsorbed, too.

When the life-span of the DetoxSack for indoor use ends it has a purpose as carbon sequestration and soil amendment. Biochar exhibits a negative carbon dioxide emission, and has the potential to mitigate climate change via carbon sequestration. Further, in the soil it increases fertility, agricultural productivity and provides protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases. Rich in carbon, biochar is stable solid and can endure for thousands of years.

The “DetoxSack” has the following advantages:

-          Adsorbs VOCs

-          Cleans the air in a most natural way without using energy

-          Adsorbs odors and bad smells

-          CO2 sink – active fight against climate change

-          Increases soil fertility

-          Marketing instrument for your company with a logo

-          Give away instead of T-shirts etc..



20 Euros single sack

15 Euros per sack for 20 sacks

10 Euros per sack for 100 sacks

5 Euros per sack for 1000 sacks

Location or origin place of the product.


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