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ab initio / DFT / multiphysics / FEM simulations

Simulations in the field of material development, material ...

Atlas Lithium Reactor System

Atlas Lithium kontroluje reakcje chemiczne w kolbach oraz ...

Double-module luminaires BIO 02-50-70

Double-module lighting fixtures AtomSvet® BIO

Four-module luminaires AtomSvet® Plant

The luminaires are intended to be used for general ...

Four-module luminaires BIO 02-100-150

Four-module lighting fixtures AtomSvet® BIO

Graphene oxide (4 mg/ml, water dispersion, 500 ml)

Graphene oxide flakes has very large lateral flake size in ...

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Green Synthesis of Nanomaterials

The center is currently working on the production of ...

Single-module luminaires BIO 02-25-40

Single-module lighting fixtures AtomSvet® BIO