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Ag, 99.95%,100nm

Silver nanoparticles, 99.95%, 100nm

Carbon Nanotubes Multiwalled

A miracle of modern science on its way towards utilization ...

Mechanical 'ROSCARDIKS' heart valves

In order to offer a wide range of devices for ...


The PeCOD™ field portable unit is a light weight, battery ...


Phenol,4-ethenyl-2,6-dimethoxy-(canolol) is an antioxidant ...

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Pore diameter Tooltip
The product pore diameter (in nm)

Prosthetic rings for valvuloplasty

The prosthetic rings ROSCARD are intended for needs of ...

VenaDeltaY1 and VenaDeltaY2 Biochips

The VenaDeltaY1™ and VenaDeltaY2™ biochips contain ...

'MIKS' heart valve

The mechanical ’MIKS’ heart valves are produced according ...

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