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Nanophotonics or Nano-optics is the study of the behavior of light on the nanometer scale, and of the interaction of nanometer-scale objects with light. It is a branch of optics, optical engineering, electrical engineering, and nanotechnology. It often (but not exclusively) involves metallic components, which can transport and focus light via surface plasmon polaritons.

The term "nano-optics", just like the term "optics", usually concerns ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared light (free-space wavelength around 300-1200 nanometers).

Nanooptics / Photonics

LED-elements with UNC thread

MID based LED-elements with connection UNC thread

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The product pore diameter (in nm)

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MCP 18-5

Microchannel plates (MCPs) for Night Vision Devices

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