Diseases of the skin are often multifactorial: genetic, environmental and psychic factors are involved. They are a substantial burden to quality-of-life as they cause itch and aesthetic compromises. Even worse, they often become chronic.

Clinical diagnostics mainly rely on inspection by eye, so that it‘s difficult to record „subcutaneous“ factors and tiny traces of malfunction.
Now, a novel diagnostic assay is available called DERMATACT. Thanks to its high sensitivity, it is able to determine skin status independent of visible symptoms. This has been demonstrated in clinical studies, where the DermaTact Index (DTI) from asymptomatic skin regions clearly correlates to the clinical score of the damaged areas.

DERMATACT is a new sharp tool for clinical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic dermatology. The DTIndex can improve existing treatment schemes in atopic dermatitis (AD) or accelerate the testing of new therapies. In the healthy population, higher values could indicate a risk of atopic dermatitis in newborns or may prewarn the elderly from developing white skin cancer (actinic keratosis) before visible symptoms appear. For cosmetic purposes, a need for protective skin care is given individually.

This innovation is made possible by nanoscale analysis of surfacial skin cells (corneocytes). Samples are taken non-invasively by adhesive tape strips (no medical staff needed) and then shipped to our laboratory. An Index number (DTI) is returned, that indicates a compromised skin barrier or inflammation. For interpretation, a dermatologist should be consulted. For scientific and technical details please contact the service provider.


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