The main safety concern of food packaging materials is in the possible migration of hazardous substances from the actual packaging materials into the different types of food contained within (acidic food, fatty food, non-fatty food, etc). There are different risk substances for different material groups. For example, for stainless steel products, the migration of heavy metals is the main concern. For FCMs made of polymer, monomer residue or migration of food additives can be main concerns. Finished articles usually need to be tested with appropriate food stimulants related to real use conditions (type of food, temperature) to demonstrate compliance. Chinese food safety standards have set specific testing requirements on different types of material groups or specific products to ensure safety.

For example, GB 9684-2011 Food Safety Standard for stainless steel products has required the following testing items:

Heavy Metals SML(mg/dm2)
铅/Pb 0.01
铬/Cr 0.4
镍/Ni 0.1
镉/Cd 0.005
砷/As 0.008