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The nanoparticle kitchen: customized nanoparticles

We provide consulting and technical support in generating and processing various nanoparticles. With an extensive pilot line equipment we can support customers with synthesis, modification as well as dispersion of particles in different upscaling stages.

Our laboratory works like a kitchen just for nanoparticles – you come to us with a specific menu or taste in mind. We provide the cooking ingredients, the pans and stove, as well as the internationally experienced cooks. You are welcome as well, if you want to upgrade or functionalize your own »cooking« materials.

Our Special Equipment:   

  • Synthesis reactor (up to 100 liter batches)  
  • Continuous ultrasound reactor  
  • Semi-continuous centrifuge  
  • Spray-drying facilities  
  • Continuous flow globe mill  
  • Molecular vaporizer  
  • Magnetic drum separator  
  • Encapsulation device  
  • Ultrafiltration  
  • Glas autoclave  
  • Fluidised bed reactor  
  • ... and many more


Our Special Ingredients:

We offer materials development and custom manufacturing of small particles matching your demands, for instance: 

  • Magnetic Particles  
  • Hollow Particles  
  • Silica Particles  
  • Layered Particles  
  • Titanium, Zirconium, Zinc and Perovskite Oxide Particles


Interested in the nanoparticle kitchen taste? Contact us!

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