Graphene is simply said a thin layer of pure carbon. Graphene sheets are single layers of graphite with a uniform honeycomb-like structure. Graphene has outstanding mechanical and electrical properties and can be functionalised very easily, this is what makes it valuable in many application fields.

Examples: promising material for spintronics & new electronic applications; surface treatments; raw material for other carbon based nanomaterials.

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Bilayer Graphene Film Si-SIO2 -15mm X 15mm

Bilayer Graphene Films-Si-SiO2 – 15mm X 15mm are the ...

Carbon Fullerenes C60

Carbon Fullerenes C60 99.9 Fullerenes are closed hollow ...

Fres One

Graphene nanocomposite thermal interface material, used to ...

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Graphene Dispersion, 1-10 layers,DNE-G003

Water dispersion of reduced graphene oxidewith 0.5-3 μm ...

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Graphene Ink

Graphene ink for advanced sensors, devices, and other ...

Graphene Nanoplatelets

Our Graphene Nanoplatelets are useful as nanoscale ...

Graphene Nanoplatelets

NANO‐G SERIES: Graphene Nanoplatelets (NKP1980G)

Graphene oxide (4 mg/ml, water dispersion, 500 ml)

Graphene oxide flakes has very large lateral flake size in ...

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