von Donnerstag, 07. September 2017 -  09:00 Uhr
bis Samstag, 09. September 2017 - 17:00 Uhr

About Conference

Conference series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend '5th World Congress on Biopolymers' during September 07-09, 2017 in Paris, France which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Biopolymer Congress 2017 are chain-like molecules made up of repeating chemical blocks and can be very long in length. Depending on the nature of the repeating unit they are made of polysaccharides, proteins of amino acids, and nucleic acids of nucleotides. The studies are more concerned to Green Composites, Biopolymer Feed Stock Challenges, Biofibers & Microbial Cellulose, Biomaterials and Bioplastics. Advanced studies are being made to improvise developments in Biopolymer Technology, Waste Management, pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, Biodegrade ability, and many more.


Importance and Scope:

Over the past few years, global economic activities have increased a lot. This tremendous growth has raised serious problems about current important patterns of production and consumption. As the current society has increased its attention in understanding of the environmental aspects and its industrial practices, greater attention has been given to the concept of sustainable economic systems that rely on energy from undepletable source and materials. The use of Biologically derived Polymers become as an important component of this global world.

The history of Biopolymer is not a long one. Various reasons are associated with the research and development of Biopolymers. Use of Bioplastics will make a tremendous change and will help rid of the conventional plastics , which is a welcome change.


Tracks of the Convference

  1. Advanced Biopolymers
  2. Natural polymers
  3. Biopolymers as materials
  4. Green Composites in Biopolymers
  5. Biopolymers Feed Stock Challenges & opportunities
  6. Biopolymers in Biofibers & Microbial Cellulose
  7. Biopolymers for Tissue Engineering
  8. Recycling & Waste Management of Biopolymers
  9. Future & Scope of Biopolymers
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This Event will take place in Paris, France..

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