von Mittwoch, 09. November 2016 -  09:00 Uhr
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The Nano Trade Show is the only trade show in Brazil focused on the market of nanotechnology and innovation providers. The event is intended for companies seeking to technology innovation of its products and become increasingly competitive. The fair will aim to bring together nanotechnology suppliers and innovation worldwide, universities, researchers and industry in order to boost business and industrial development.

Nanotechnology is currently considered to be the next industrial revolution.
It is composed of state-of-the-art materials used in industries, resulting in more effective products at a lower cost and in a sustainable manner - this is the future!
 At Nano TradeShow exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase major innovations generating significant business opportunities.

The event will bring together suppliers, institute and technology parks, universities, researchers and industries from across the globe providing an unparallel opportunity to build new trade relationships and increase investments in the innovation sector.

The International Conference on Nanotechnology and Innovation will be held alongside the event.


Who Exposes

  • 3D Technology  and decorative printings
  • Lab equipments
  • Advanced materials
  • Raw materials | Minerals for nanotechnology
  • Robotics
  • Technologies for the treatment of water and effluents
  • Surface and Coatings technology
  • Micro-electronics/Semiconductor technology
  • Energetic Technology  (preservation and new sources of energy)
  • Laser Technology
  • Nanotechnological products for the industry
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  • Pró Magno Convention Center
Pró Magno Convention Center
Rua Samaritá 230
São Paulo
(11) 3856-0423

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