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Welcome to Micronora

Biennial microtechnology and precision trade fair
The trade fair for cutting-edge technology

This very specialized trade fair brings together the entire microtechnology sector and proposes a very broad multi-technological offer ranging from R&D to subcontracting and production technologies.

All trades are represented

Assembly, Micro-assembly / Automation, Robotics / CAD-CAM / Engineering / Interconnection technologies / Injection, Overmoulding / Machining, Micromachining / Metrology, Measurement, Control / Microelectronic packaging / Micromanufacturing / Nanotechnology / Precision bar turning / Stamping, Fine blanking / Surface treatment / Tools ...

with a common denominator :

high-precision - miniaturisation and integration of complex functions.

Thanks to the transfer of solutions between different industrial sectors, micro and nano-technologies can be applied in all cutting-edge sectors looking for smaller, more accurate, more intelligent solutions.

Micronora is the ideal place to find out more about them.

All markets are involved, especially the aeronautics, luxury goods and medical sectors, plus automotive, defence, electromechanics, domestic appliances, equipment, data-processing, eyewear, microelectronics, nuclear, spatial, telecommunications etc.

Thanks to their countless fields of application, microtechnologies have an undeniable advantage that enables exhibitors to diversify and open up to new markets.

Micronora continues to expand with every event and has built up a strong international standing as a niche sector trade fair par excellence.

This trade fair will be the reference and efficiency value you seek for your company.
The leading microtechnology trade fair in Europe.
It has been open to nanotechnologies since 2006.


Serious assets explain its success

  • It occupies a privileged niche: high precision and/or miniaturisation
  • Its all-inclusive organisation brings together different technologies
  • It is accessible in size and friendly
  • It has a quality approach
  • The exhibitors’ know-how cover the principals of all the business sectors
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