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Toward the realization of smart community which enables energy security and efficient use, the latest technologies, products, and systems have been provided by many advanced companies and organizations.

“Smart Community Japan” will be held to introduce these technologies and shift consumer’s confident from interest to adoption and purchase, and serve as a transition to the large-scale social change.

As year 2016 is the first year of full liberalization of entry into the electricity market, our business environment surrounding energy will be drastically changed. We would like you to take advantages of this exhibition as a place of "new business creation".

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  • Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku

The East Exhibition Hall is a three story structure with three floors above ground and one underground parking. It consists of six halls, three on each side of the Galleria. Each hall measures 90m x 90m and contains recessed electronic and information control service pits every six meters. The mobile roof enables exhibitors to control the amount of natural light that flows into the halls. Each hall is equipped with a show office, meeting room, and dressing room. The halls are equipped with large freight entrances to facilitate exhibition setup and removal. The halls on each side of the Galleria can be combined into one large exhibition area, providing a total exhibition space of 26,010m2


The Information and pictures provided have been found on http://www.bigsight.jp/.

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