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  • Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
1 Universytetska St.
+38 (032) 239-41-11

An important and inseparable segment of activities in the University is research work. Organizing and supervising research in the University are performed by the Scientific Research Department (SRD), which includes 19 laboratories, 7 research institutes, Astronomical Observatory and Botanical Gardens.

The University’s scientific potential is based on the scientific schools, well-known in Ukraine and the world. They represent various branches of scholarship, namely: Solid State Physics; Theoretical Physics; Crystal Chemistry; Physics and Chemistry of Polymers; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Bioenergetics and Electrophysiology of Secretory Cells; Mineralogy School of Academician E. Lazarenko; Thermobarogeochemical School of Professor Yermakov; Lviv Research School of the Precambrian Geology and Metallogeny; Engineering, Ecological and Regional Geomorphology; Territorial Organization of Society; Genetic Soil Science; Complex Analysis; Functional Analysis; Mechanics of Deformable Bodies; Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Physical-Mechanical Fields; Research Development of Agroindustrial Complex of Ukraine, State Regulation of Transborder Entrepreneurship in the Context of Globalization; Economic and Mathematical Modeling in the Management of Economic Production Systems; Ivan Franko Studies; Slavonic Studies; History of Social and Political Processes in Ukraine; General Theory of Human Rights; Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Injured and Other Subjects of the Criminal Process.

Main directions of research activities in the University are defined in the topical development plans of the University, approved by the Ministry Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. Scientific research corresponds to the following priority directions of Ukraine’s scientific and technological development:

  • Fundamental research of the most important problems for developing scientific and technological, economic, social and political, human potential to ensure competitiveness of Ukraine and stable development of society and the state;
  • Information and communication technology;
  • Energetics and Energy Efficiency;
  • Rational wildlife management;
  • Life Sciences, new technologies of preventing and treating infectious diseases;
  • New substances and materials.

The information and pictures provided have been found on http://lnu.edu.ua/.

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