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  • Kyoto International Conference Center
Kyoto International Conference Center
+81 75-705-1234

Kyoto has nurtured a unique culture over more than 1200 years since the glory of Heiankyo. This culture reveals in beauty of the four seasons and forms the heart of Japanese hospitality.
Kyoto has 17 temples, shrines and castles inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List and about 2,000 temples, shrines and other historical sites. These historical buildings and places are integrated with diverse facets of culture, including tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Noh.
Kyoto International Conference Center was established in 1966 in this mecca of Japanese culture, as Japan's first state-sponsored international conference center.

Kyoto International Conference Center has staged over 16,000 conferences since it opened. ICC Kyoto has not only played a key role in the history of international conferences in Japan but is a flagship platform for large-scale conventions in Asia as well.
We continue to be a leader in Japanese conventions and a base for diffusing information and values from Kyoto to the wider world.

Kyoto International Congress Center Complex

Kyoto international conference center complex

ICC Kyoto covers a vast site of 156,000㎡ that features Main Building, Annex Hall, Event Hall and a Japanese garden as well as car parking for 450 vehicles. Together with the adjoining hotel, the site serves as a state-of-the-art complex devoted exclusively to conferences.
ICC Kyoto boasts more than 70 conference rooms including 9 halls with simultaneous interpretation equipment. The Main Building, Annex Hall and Event Hall are connected by indoor passageways and linked by a digital network system comprising more than 600 fiber-optic cables. This network makes live video relay easy thereby enabling large-scale conferences of more than 7,000 people.

Main Hall

Kyoto international conference center 1mainhall

The Main Hall is distinguished among conference halls around the world because of its unique shape and design. The spacious trapezoid-shaped room can seat up to 2,000 people, and is modeled on the United Nations format. This hall offers a wide range of opportunities for your events.

Meetingroom A

Kyoto international conference center room a

As the main mid-sized conference room, this facility accommodates a broad range of meetings and events. This room has the capacity for 370 people when arranged in the horseshoe style, and may accommodate up to 550 people in the theatre style. The balcony seats 222 people, and has independent entrances, enabling the smooth entry and exit of the media and other observers, without disturbing the meeting proceedings.

Event Hall

Kyoto international conference center event hall

It is a multiple-purpose hall corresponding to all events, such as a concert, a reception, a meeting and an exhibition.
In reception use, this hall receives 1300 taking seats and 2000 in standing.
There is a connecting passage with a roof to the ICC main buildings and to Kokusaikaikan Station exit 4-2.
The Lodging Facility and a cafe terrace of 120 seats (2F) are put side by side.

The information and pictures provided have been found on http://www.icckyoto.or.jp/en/.

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