von Sonntag, 10. April 2016 -  09:00 Uhr
bis Dienstag, 12. April 2016 - 17:00 Uhr

"EXPERIMENTAL AND COMPUTATIONAL BIOMEDICINE", organized by the Ural Federal University, Institute of Immunology and Physiology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations.

The scientific sessions include plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations. All accepted conference materials will be indexed by Russian science citation and selected papers will be published in journals indexed in Scopus.

Approximately 200 participants are expected at the conference.

Main topics

Experimental and computational models in cardiovascular physiology and cardiology.
Biomechanics. Experimental and mathematical models.
Electrophysiology. Experimental and computational models. Clinical studies.
Experimental and computational models for musculoskeletal system.
Experimental and computational models in immunology.
Molecular basis of biological motility.
Medical bioinformatics.
Translational medicine. From basic science to clinical practice.
Medicinal chemistry.
Biomedical technology.
International initiatives: Physiome, Virtual Physiological Human (VPH), Avicenna: In Silico Clinical Trials.

The session: “Experimental and computational models in cardiovascular physiology and cardiology" will be dedicated to the 75th anniversaries of Valery Yakovlevich Izakov (28.04.1941-28.02.1990) and Vladimir Semenovich Markhasin (23 04.1941-11.04.2015), who were the founders of scientific school of physiology and biophysics in Ekaterinburg.

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