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Syntactic foams and rigid polymer, metal, and ceramic foams containing a reinforcing and/or functional phase are the intended focus of this conference. These foams are typically used in applications that take advantage of their low density, very high specific properties, tailored pore structure, enhanced energy absorption characteristics, and flame retardant properties.

The scope of the conference will include fabrication, characterization, modeling, and applications of the foams; the production and characterization of reinforcing and functional materials specifically used for these foams (i.e. hollow spheres, micro/nanoparticles, particles with specific electric, magnetic, dielectric properties, thermal, biological, etc.). SCF-V will include a new session topic: Renewables and Sustainability. This will include the used of bio-based renewable material in foam formulations, “light-weighting” application for improved energy efficiency as well as well as important application of composite foams in renewable energy applications.

Work in syntactic foams has expanded over the past three decades or so from its inception with two-phase polymer matrix foams based upon hollow glass or polymer spheres for applications in the marine and submarine industry. Today, the field has expanded to include polymer, metal and ceramic hollow spheres and matrices. In addition, with fibers, nanoparticles and interstitial voids engineered into these materials, three and four-phase materials are now possible. Composite foams have grown out of conventional blown polymer foams to now include the addition of diverse functional elements, resulting in complex microstructures that can be engineered to meet specific applications. Also, blown polymer foams are now used as precursor structures for metal and ceramic composite foams and advances in production techniques for the various component materials have resulted in advances in the mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties of these foams that have dramatically broadened their applications.

Thus by incorporating hollow and solid particles, nanoparticles, fibers, and specialized foaming agents, coupled with novel processing techniques, foams with unique and tailored properties can be attained. Because of such innovations, the role of syntactic and composite foams has expanded into the aerospace, automotive, communications, biomedical, electronics, sporting, and transportation industries.

History: The first international conference on Syntactic and Composite Foams (SCF-I), under the auspices of ECI, Inc. was held in Banff, Canada in August, 2004 and was quite successful. Manufacturers of syntactic foam components had the opportunity to interact with applications specialists and academicians and numerous connections and collaborative efforts have ensued. The papers presented at the conference were published, after peer review, in a special issue of the Journal of Materials Science. The second conference in this series (SCF-II), sponsored by ECI, was held in Davos, Switzerland in 2007. That was also a very successful meeting and the papers presented at the conference were again published in Journal of Materials Science. SCF-III, held in Calabria, Italy in 2011, was the third in this series; it provided a continued forum for discussions in this rapidly growing field of syntactic foams and composite foams. Although all of the SCF conferences have demonstrated the essence of the camaraderie that an ECI format can bring; SCF-IV in Santa Fe, NM, USA stood above the rest. There was an extraordinary amount of interaction during the presentations, social events, and free-time. The proposed SCF-V will build on the foundation from the previous four.

Outline of Conference: The conference is designed to be multi-disciplinary in nature to encourage participation from universities, industry (research and manufacturing), and government labs. The session outline below is very general and will be refined as papers are submitted. In each session there will be an invited or keynote speaker (except for the poster session and the round table discussion).


Session 1: Interfaces, Reinforcements, and Performance
Session 2: Fabrication/Characterization of Particles and Hollow Spheres


Session 3: Renewables and Sustainability
Session 4: Processing and Modeling Foam-Based Composites


Session 5: Syntactic and Composite Foams – Characterization
This afternoon is generally left free for an outdoor excursion
Session 6: Poster Session


Session 7: Syntactic and Composite Foams – Characterization
Session 8: Emerging Applications and Characterization Methods


Round Table Discussion

Below are tentative areas that we will try to cover in this conference:

Composite foam-based structures
Blast, ballistic and protection
Functional foams and green technology
Electric and acoustic
Bio-based composite foam materials (natural fibers and fillers, non-petroleum polymers)
Foams and sustainability (green energy applications)
Buoyancy and subsea
Process and mechanical modeling
Thermal management and protection
Tooling and Thermoforming

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