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Nickel-based superalloys continue to be widely used in elevated temperature structural applications that demand high strength, damage tolerance and environmental resistance. Key applications of these materials include gas turbine engines used in the aviation and energy generation sectors. The socio-economic demand for increased performance, reliability and efficiency from such engines necessitates future engine designs that will subject key engine components to even higher temperatures and stresses than are currently experienced. The scope for further development of nickel based superalloys to meet this need is limited and, as such, commercial opportunities exist for new materials with superior capabilities.

New alloy systems with potential to supersede nickel based superalloys are being extensively studied by many research groups worldwide. This conference will bring together these research groups to present the latest developments in developing such new alloys.

Of particular interest are those materials that have the potential to deliver superior properties to nickel-based superalloys including:

Mechanical behavior (creep, fatigue, ductility, resistance to crack propagation)
Environmental resistance (oxidation, hot corrosion)

The research activities that will be covered include:

Alloy development
Alloy simulation and modelling
Mechanical testing
Oxidation resistance
Microstructure observations (dislocation structures, phase changes) and correlation to mechanical behavior
“Exotic” experimental setups (alloy prototyping, in-situ testing and characterization)
and many other topics.

This conference is a follow-on from the successful “Beyond Nickel-Based Superalloys” conference that was held in Bad Berneck, Germany in May 2013.

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