von Donnerstag, 07. Januar 2016 -  07:00 Uhr
bis Freitag, 08. Januar 2016 - 16:00 Uhr

This workshop aims to bring together experts within the different communities — biophysics, numerics, analysis — to better understand the structure and the behaviour of biological membranes. In particular, the workshop will bring together (a) mathematicians working on different aspects of cell membranes, (b) computational physicists and computer scientists working on the numerical approximation of dynamic biological membranes, and (c) biophysicists that are experienced in modelling and interested to collaborate with mathematicians. The main goal of the workshop is to stimulate the discussions between the communities, to learn from each other, and to initiate collaborations.

The workshop is organised by Dr Robert Nürnberg and is funded by an Imperial College Workshop Support Grant thanks to the EPSRC Mathematics Platform Grant EP/I019111/1.

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