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  • Dinster Premier Hotel
Dinster Premier Hotel
Mateyka Street 6
+38 (032) 297 43 05

Dnister Hotel built in 1983 is situated on a picturesque hill near the old park. This is the place where at the end of XIX century Polish artists created several fragments of famous Raclawicka Panorama painting. Later the painting was exhibited in a special rotunda in Stryiski park and was one of the main sightseeings of the city.

During Soviet times the hotel belonged to Intourist chain was a flagship of a hospitality industry of the city. In September 1999 Dnister Hotel was awarded with 4 star rating.

Dnister is a traditional venue for international events of high level. Among the celebrities–first lady of the United States of America Hillary Clinton, Polish President Alexander Kwaśniewski, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Czech President Václav Havel, Presidents of Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary.

We are particularly proud to be a place of stay for the cardinals from the Pope suite during John Paul II visit to Lviv in June 2001.

Other celebrities that we were proud to serve in our hotel are Charles Aznavour, Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, Oleg Skrypka, Paulo Coelho, Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk, famous Finnish writer J. Bargum.

International award «Green Key» is a special proud for Dniester Premier Hotel. This certificate indicates compliance with international environmental requirements. This status is assigned by the hotels which are standing by the international standards of environment protection. Especially, Dniester Premier Hotel uses a separate waste technology, energy saving technology, a system of optimize water consumption.

In 2015 the hotel was renamed in Premier Hotel Dnister due the rebranding of Premier Hotels & Resorts network. Rebranding was accompanied by the launch of a new logo, which became the dominant symbol of the network, combining the Latin letter P and the number 1.

Premier Hotel Dnister is situated in the historic centre of Lviv and surrounded by the picturesque park. Rooms and suites feature a breathtaking panorama of Old Town that is listed in UNESCO World Heritage. Premier Hotel Dnister is a hotel in Lviv that combines traditional hospitality and individual attention to each guest with high service standards of Premier Hotels collection.


The informationn and pictures provided have been found on http://www.dnister.lviv.ua/en.

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