If you want to edit one of your products please proceed with the following:

  1. Sign in on nanobay.com with your Nanobay account.
  2. Go with your cursor on top of Sell without clicking on it and a drop down menu will appear with My Store Dashboard. Click on it to see all your selling or buying activities on nanobay.com.
  3. On the right side are two buttons. One will bring you to your Vendor Profile and the other button called My Products will bring you to a list of all your products. Click on My Products.
  4. Choose the product you want to delete or edit and click on Edit Product or Delete Product.
  5. If you have selected Edit Product, you be directed to the page with the Product Information where you can edit the information concerning your product.
  6. When you finished editing the Product Information, click on Update Product and your product will be published and visible to all visitors of nanobay.com. If you have clicked on Delete Product, your product will be deleted.