Some items aren't allowed on Nanobay, or there may be specific rules and conditions on how the item should be listed.
If your item is allowed on Nanobay but you are facing problems with listing it, you may simply need to edit your listing so that it meets our guidelines.
You can check our rules and policies for listings for more information about items that may not be allowed on

Nearly every product or material that is related to nanotechnology can be listed on However here is a list of items prohibited by

The best way to promote your products online is to display your products on In order to start please create an account. Once this is done, you are free to list your products by uploading product image(s) and entering a product description. To attract more customers, add detailed product descriptions and high quality photographs or images.

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Add Product Attributes to your products. Product Attributes are the features of your product such as size shape, colour etc. Adding this extra information helps the customers to find your products faster because they are able to narrow their search. Also selecting the right product categories and providing high quality pictures and images is helpful to convince potential customers to request your products.