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MEMS stands for MicroElectroMechanical Systems. Currently, the word MEMS denotes man-made mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics that that were produced using microfabrication technology and are integrated on a silicon substrate. Increasingly, the word MEMS is used for miniaturized devices that are based on Silicon technology or traditional precision engineering, chemical or mechanical.

  • Health Business Connect 2016

    For the first time in history, the Health Business Connect - a two-day meeting for companies from the high-tech sector with the focus on medical technology was held in Besançon at the modern facility of TEMIS Technology Park. The event was organized by the IVAM Microtechnology Network and its French partner network Pôle des Microtechniques (PMT).

    The main purpose of this event was to promote more cooperation between medical manufacturing companies and other companies related to that field. Furthermore, new developments and regulations in the medical sector were discussed as well as possibilities and the exchange of experience how to enter the medical market.

    The first day started with a lunch and a guided tour at the Statice Headquarters. During lunch the first contacts between the participants already took place. The whole atmosphere at Statice was friendly and familiar. After lunch the whole group was driven to the technology center TEMIS where the rest of the Health Business Connect event was held.

    Lunch at Statice Headquarters, picture provided by IVAM.Lunch at Statice Headquarters, picture provided by IVAM.

    The next 3 hours manufacturers of components for medical devices gave presentations on subjects such as data sharing with clients, new governmental regulations for medical devices and the protection of intellectual property. After every presentation there was room for discussions between device manufacturers and the component manufacturers. At 17:30 femto-st, the well-known microtechnology research institute from France held a presentation about its current projects. The presentation was followed by a guided tour through the different clean room laboratories at TEMIS.

    Presentations at Temis, picture provided by IVAMPresentations at Temis, picture provided by IVAM

    The evening program started at 19:30 with a get together dinner at “Chez Elle”, a restaurant near the Hôtel All Suites in Besançon. During the exquisite meals the participants where changing places so each and every participant had the possibility to network with each other.

    Networking dinner at Chez Elle, picture provided by IVAMNetworking dinner at Chez Elle, picture provided by IVAM

    The second day started at TEMIS with company pitches, followed by almost hundred B2B meetings between the participants. Nanobay was actively participating in these meetings to interact with the component manufacturers and the device manufacturers.

    Networking at TEMIS, picture provided by IVAMNetworking at TEMIS, picture provided by IVAM

    Overall, the Health Business Connect was a huge success; more than 50 companies from 10 different countries were giving talks and actively participating at this event. Nanobay was introduced to the medical device and component manufacturers in France and Germany.

    Health Business Connect Group Photo Health Business Connect Group Photo provided by IVAM

    PMT and IVAM are already planning the follow-up conference at Dortmund, Germany next year.


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    IVAM is an international association consisting of companies and institutes from the fields microtechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, MEMS, optics and photonics. The association was founded 1995. Currently the IVAM has more than 200 companies and institutes as members, mainly small- and medium-sized enterprises.

    The central mission of the association is to create synergies and to support its members in exchanging knowledge, initiating joint projects and networking with each other and potential customers. IVAM organizes workshops, business round tables and networking events. In addition, business platforms are organized in trade shows for example at the COMPAMED in Dusseldorf. IVAM helps with extensive press and public relations and supports its members abroad.

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