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Nanobay is the first global online nanotechnology platform. Nanobay connects worldwide - multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups, institutes, suppliers, vendors, buyers, scientists and you. Looking for nanotechnology products or enabling new technologies, nanobay is the place for you. Safe time and money. Grow in partnership with us and watch your business expand internationally. Nanobay gives you daily breaking news, trends, developments and career opportunities in the nano world. Nanobay is the only online platform listing all nanotechnology conferences and events worldwide. The fastest growing community and source for all your nano needs. With us the market comes to you.
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DE25 – Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter

The DE25 is a differential pressure transmitter with a ...

DE38 – Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch

Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter / Switch for ...

EA01 – Tank Display

The LED Tank Display EA01 is developed especially to fit ...

Epoxy Based Prepregs (NKP1981)

Epoxy basesd products produced from an solvent-based epoxy ...

Kalcifil Mikro/Nano

Kalcifil Mikro/Nano is an advanced type of modified ...

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