From Wednesday, 21 April 2021 -  10:00
To Friday, 23 April 2021 -  2:30
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[Corona-Update, 2021-03]: The digital event has been extended to 3 days (21 - 23 April 2021).

[Corona-Update, 2020-05-28]: The event has been resceduled to 21 - 22 April 2021 (original date was 29 - 30 Ocotober 2020).

The most important conference of the nanotechnology industry in Germany - the NRW Nano-Conference - will take place from 21st to 23rd April 2021. Guests from business, science and politics are welcome to participate and enrichen the interdisciplinary dialogue about the opportunities, concerns and potentials of nanotechnology.

The NRW Nano-Conference offers three days of technical presentations about current trends in nanotechnology by top speakers from companies and research institutes. Furthermore, companies will present their latest technology developments and products at the accompanying exhibition. The organizers expect round about 600 international participants.

The event is held biannually.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s leading role in the fields of nanotechnology and materials science is clearly demonstrated at the internationally renowned NRW Nano Conference, which takes place every two years. The venue changes in NRW, but is always particularly relevant for the topic area.

In 2018, the event has been extended from nanotechnology to the topic of “Innovations in Materials and Applications”. With the expanded spectrum, current developments in industry and science have been taken into account. Thus, the benefits for visitors have been significantly increased. Other innovations, such as the thematically open calls, were also well appreciated by the community and numerous new sessions evolved.

Hand-picked by our scientific advisory board, the topics are geared to the broad spectrum of interests of the visitors, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible benefit for each participant.

Thus, international keynotes and plenary talks provide a very good insight into cutting edge technologies and future trends. Topic sessions (with changing focal points) highlight special subject areas. At the accompanying exhibition, institutes and companies present their innovative services and products, and the new contacts made during the day can be further intensified at the networking event in the evening. The three exhibitors with the best overall appearance and presentation will be honoured with the “Best Exhibitor Award”.

The event is also of great importance for young academics. In addition to the opportunity to get into contact with future employers and build up their own network, the poster exhibition offers the perfect platform to give insights into their own work to all participants. On every conference, the best three posters receive the “Best Poster Award” within an award ceremony. An interesting supporting programme provides pupils with insights into the exciting field of nanotechnology and materials science.


Modules of the NRW Nano Conference

Over the years, a large number of program modules have been developed for the Nano-Conference, which contribute significantly to making the conference a success for participants – from a simple visit to active participation in shaping the content.

These are the program modules that form the Nano-Conference:


The core element of the NRW Nano Conference is the scientific programme. A plenary talk, keynote speeches, technical lectures from the Call for Presentations as well as scientific posters from the Call for Posters make up this highlight of the conference.

The conference focuses not only on nanotechnologies but on innovations in materials and applications and this, a novelty as well, in four parallel sessions!


Exhibition with Best Exhibitor Award

The extensive exhibition of the Nano Conference offers visitors a platform to learn about products, services and innovations. The Best Exhibitor Award will be bestowed to the three best exhibitors at the Networking Event on the evening of the first conference day.


Poster Exhibition with Best Poster Award

A selection of nearly 120 posters will be presented to accompany the NRW Nano Conference. Within the framework of the Young Academics Programme, the three best posters are assessed by an expert jury from the Advisory Board. The winners are honored during the Award Ceremony on the conference.


Young Academics and Start-up Session

The Poster Exhibition offers especially Young Academics the opportunity to present their research ideas, projects and insights to the international visitors from science and industry. Young Academics with an accepted poster or oral contribution benefit from reduced registration fees.

Directed mainly at all Young Academics, the Start-up Session will give tailor-made advice and best practice examples on how to start a company successfully based on a business idea from the field of key enabling technologies.


Business Pitches

Exhibitors present themselves in a 240 second talk. The business pitches take place during the lunch breaks and prior to the Networking Event on the evening of the first day.


Project Sessions

The Nano Conference devotes special sessions to successful R&D projects stemming from the NRW lead market competitive calls and similar programmes. Innovation projects, for example cooperations between companies and research institutions, are decisive for the development of new products. Within NRW, but also with partners from all over Europe, e.g. within the INTERREG programme.


Business Matchmaking

Networking of all actors from key enabling technologies along the complete value chains is one of the core goals of the NRW Nano Conference. In order to pave the way for successful networking with other conference participants with whom you share for instance common research project ideas but are so far unfamiliar to you, the Business Speed-Dating of the conference allows short meetings for networking and exchange.




New sessions:

Functional surfaces

The functionalisation of surfaces and layers, i.e. the targeted modification of the surface properties to desired functions, allows the deployment of established materials with improved surface properties. Tailor-made surface properties for arbitrary applications can be generated, for example, by nanostructuring, by photonic processes or custom-fit coatings, as some important material properties such as wettability, adhesion, tribological or electro-optical properties and biocompatibility are determined only by the chemistry and topography of the surface. Such functional surfaces as well as their generation are the focus of one of the sessions.

Fibres & Composites

Innovative fiber-based and (composite) materials enable completely new applications. The combination of two or more components generates in total more advantageous properties in the resulting composite material compared to the separate use of individual materials and their components and is at the same time resource-saving, sustainable and efficient. In particular, size effects, for example by introducing fibers with diameters in the nanometer range, and the geometry of the components play a crucial role in the properties of the composites. The topic of fibers and composites is the content of a further session.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

10:00 Opening of the 9th NRW Nano Conference
Dr. Harald Cremer, Cluster NMWP.NRW
Dr. Kirsten Bender, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy
Enno Fuchs, Wirtschaftsförderung Münster GmbH
10:25 Plenary Talk
Prof. Dr. Ina Schieferdecker, Federal Ministry of Education and Research
10:50 Keynote 1
Prof. Dr. Martin Winter, MEET – Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology, University of Münster
11:15 Session 1A
Batteries: Materials / Manufacturing / Recycling
Chair: Dr. Tobias Placke, MEET – Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology

Invited talk: Dr. Stefan Koller, Varta Micro Innovation GmbH

Bulk and interfacial electrochemical characterization of lithium thiophosphate-based solid electrolytes for solid-state batteries
Dr. Nella Vargas-Barbosa, Jülich Research Centre

Fraunhofer Research Fab Battery Cells FFB – A unique research initiative to strengthen Europe
Dr. Florian Degen, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, Research Fab Battery Cell FFB

Session 1B
Characterisation & Simulation: Enablers for Nanotechnology and Materials
Chair: Prof. Dr. Armin Gölzhäuser, Bielefeld University

Controlled wrinkling for quantifying mechanics of nanoscale films
Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery, Technical University Dresden

Luminescent light guides – Experiment and optical simulation
Michelle Grüne, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences

Computational Multiscale Modeling of Aerogels
Dr.-Ing. Ameya Rege, German Aerospace Center

11:55 Session 1A Discussion Round Session 1B Discussion Round
12:10 Lunch Break / Networking
13:40 Session 2A (part 1/3)
Functional Surfaces & Layers / Tailor-made Properties of Surfaces & Layers / Techniques of Functionalisation

Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kuhlbusch, Duisburg University

Active semiconductor metasurfaces
Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Isabelle Staude, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Planar Hall effect sensors for on-chip detection of magnetic nanoparticles in microfluidics
Prof. Dr. Günter Reiss, Universität Bielefeld

Nanofabrication by Combining Electron Beam and Focused Ion Beam Lithography
Torsten Richter, Raith GmbH

Session 2B (part 1/2)
NRW Innovation Projects & INTERREG/EU Innovation Projects

Chair: Cluster NMPW.NRW

Development of a coated vascular implant with an anti-thrombogenic effect
Dr. Hermann Monstadt, phenox GmbH

HoDForming – The revolution in extreme lightweight metals forming
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hirsch, Hydro Aluminium GmbH

HyOpt – Optimization-based development of hybrid materials
Marcel Triebus, Paderborn University

14:20 Coffee Pause / Networking
14:35 Session 2A (part 2/3)
Functional Surfaces & Layers / Tailor-made Properties of Surfaces & Layers / Techniques of Functionalisation

Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs) as forward osmosis membrane in the food processing
Dr. Nikolaus Meyerbröker, CNM Technologies GmbH

Patchy nanoparticles with structural tomography through polyionic complexation
Prof. Dr. André Gröschel, Münster University

Large scale surface functionalization for antibacterial behavior
Dr.-Ing. Stephan Brüning, Schepers GmbH & Co KG

Session 2B (part 2/2)
NRW Innovation Projects & INTERREG/EU Innovation Projects

Less is More: A New Strategy Towards Cost-Efficient Iridium-Based PEM Electrolysis Catalysts
Dr. Sven Reichenberger, Duisburg University

Towards integrated Perovskite-Optoelectronics by wafer scale Nanoimprint as Key Enabling Technology
Dr. Stephan Suckow, AMO GmbH

Meotec Project
Aleksander Drinic, Fibrothelium GmbH

15:10 Session 2A Discussion Round Session 2B Discussion Round
15:30 End of the First Conference Day

Thursday, 22 April 2021

10:00 Session 3A
Energy Efficiency / Efficiency / Smart Production / Additive Manufacturing
Chair: Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz, Zoz GmbH

Advanced Materials & Processing for Batteries & Supercaps
Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kaskel, Dresden University of Technology

Autonomous Energy Supply for IoT-Sensors
Prof. Dr. Klaus Meerholz, COPT Zentrum / Dr. Michael Niggemann, Enerthing GmbH, Leverkusen

Complementary Transistor Integration for Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Inverter Circuits
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hilleringmann, Paderborn University

Session 3B
Regulations, Safety & Societal Acceptance
Chair: Dr. Tero Mustonen, BASF

Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Eduard Arzt, Saarland University

NanoHarmony – Towards harmonised test methods for nanomaterials
Dr. Melanie Müller, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

REFINE – a regulatory science framework supporting the risk-benefit assessment of nanobiomaterial-based medical products and devices
Dr. Kathleen Spring, Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Münster e.V.

10:40 Session 3A Discussion Round Session 3B Discussion Round
11:00 Coffee Pause / Networking
11:45 Greeting
Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy
12:00 Keynote 2
Sir Prof. Dr. Konstantin Novoselov, National University of Singapore
12:25 Lunch Break / Networking
14:00 Session 4A (part 1/3)
Electronics / Optoelectronics / Information / Communication / Neural Networks
Chair: Prof. Dr. Mario Agio, University of Siegen

Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pernice, University of Münster

Large Scale (MO)CVD Grown 2D Materials – Synthesis and Integration
Prof. Dr. Gerd Bacher, University of Duisburg-Essen

Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Plate Manufacturing Technology and Upscaling for Large Area Seamless Nanoimprint Lithography
Dr. Dimitrios Kourkoulos, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

Session 4B (part 1/2)
Health / Medicine / Medical Technology / Diagnostic Analysis
Chair: Prof. Dr. Stephan Barcikowski, University of Duisburg-Essen

mRNA based Therapeutics
Invited talk: Dr. Patrick Baumhof, CureVac AG

Injectable Nanocomposite Hydrogels/Polymers for Local Drug Delivery Applications
Dr. Nermin Seda Kehr, University of Münster

Gold Nanoshells for Next-Generation Targeted Therapeutics & Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Dr. Kimberly Hartstein, nanoComposix, Inc

14:40 Coffee Pause / Networking
14:55 Session 4A (part 2/3)
Electronics / Optoelectronics / Information / Communication / Neural Networks

Luminescent ID supraparticles: Smart nanomaterials designed to improve counterfeit protection and digital traceability of products
Franziska Miller, University of Erlangen–Nuremberg

Improving quality and throughput for advanced Electron Beam Lithography applications
Jörg Günther, Raith GmbH

Efficient electronic indium phosphide resonant THz devices
Prof. Dr. Nils Weimann, University of Duisburg-Essen

Session 4B (part 2/2)
Health / Medicine / Medical Technology / Diagnostic Analysis

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
Invited talk: Dr. Silko Grimm, Evonik

Phthalocyanine-based Photosensitizers and their (Soft) Nanostructures for Photo-Antimicrobial Applications
Dr. Anzhela Galstyan, University of Münster

Polymeric nanomedicines for cancer chemo-immunotherapy
Yang Shi, RWTH Aachen

15:35 Session 4A Discussion Round Session 4B Discussion Round
15:55 End of the Second Conference Day

Friday, 23 April 2021

10:00 Keynote 3
Prof. Dr. Karsten Seidl, University of Duisburg-Essen
10:25 Young Academic Sponsor Greeting & Best Poster Award
10:40 Session 5A (part 1/2)
Quantum Technology: Computing / Simulation / Sensing / Communication / Enabling Technologies
Chair: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch, University of Münster

Quantum sensing with diamond spin qubits
Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Fedor Jelezko, University of Ulm

JUNIQ – Jülich UNified Infrastructure for Quantum computing: We compute with quantum computers
Prof. Dr. Kristel Michielsen, Jülich Research Centre

Scaling up Photonic Quantum Technologies: Waveguide-Integrated Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors on Monolithic Chips
Martin Wolff, University of Münster

Controlled creation of silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond as single photon sources
Lukas Hunold, University of Siegen

10:40 Session 5B
Fibres & Composites: Generation / Application / Properties / Characterization / Recycling

Chair: Dr. Birgit Hagenhoff, Tasco GmbH

Nonwovens and Paper – Crucial Plattformtechnologies for Bio-Economy
Invited Talk: Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries, RWTH Aachen University

Melt-Spun Electrical Conductive Fibres From Nanocomposites
Felix Krooß, RWTH Aachen university

Reduction of internal thermal stresses in fibre-metal laminates
Shuang Wu, University of Paderborn

11:20 Session 5B Discussion Round
11:35 Lunch Break / Networking
13:00 Session 5A (part 2/2)
Quantum Technology: Computing / Simulation / Sensing / Communication / Enabling Technologies
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco, University of Cologne

Quantum Photonic Processor in Programable Silicon Nitride Circuits
Dr. Jörn Epping, QuiX BV

Compact Room Temperature Quantum Scalar Magnetometer
Ludwig Horsthemke, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences

MIR imaging with undetected photons by means of a nonlinear Mach-Zehnder-type interferometer
Florian Herbst, RWTH Aachen University

Plasmon-assisted Purcell enhancement of silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond membranes
Haritha Kambalathmana, University of Siegen

13:00 Session 2A (part 3/3)
Functional Surfaces & Layers / Tailor-made Properties of Surfaces & Layers / Techniques of Functionalisation

Ultrafast Transient Absorption / Circular Dichroism and Circular Polarized Luminescence of Polyfluorene Copolymer Thin Films Showing Large Chiral Induction
Marius Morgenroth, University of Siegen

One-step synthesis of carbon-supported electrocatalysts
Sebastian Tigges, University of Duisburg-Essen

13:25 Session 2A Discussion Round

Session 4A (part 3/3)

Electronics / Optoelectronics / Information / Communication / Neural Networks

Magnetization reversal processes in nanodots of different shapes
Prof. Dr. Andrea Ehrmann, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

Recent progress and future trends in MOCVD growth technology for solid state lighting
Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken, RWTH Aachen University

13:50 Session 5A Discussion Round
14:00 Session 4A Discussion Round
14:20 Closing of the Conference
Dr. Harald Cremer, Cluster NMWP.NRW
14:30 End of the Third Conference Day & End of the Conference
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